Tuesday, January 10, 2017


I don't know 
how I got myself hooked on to watching Kdrama

 it led me to this
the making of kimchi
the korean way of fermenting salads

first time I'm making it
and it turned out to be so delicious!!

all set to be fermented!
(picture above)
after 30 hrs at room temperature
when the smell  of sourness is so strong which is a sign of fermentation
each cabbage is placed into wide-mouthed bottles individually 
and kept in the fridge

I am not a Korean
obviously I've no experience cooking Korean dishes
and I can't take any credit for this
words of thanks to Maangchi the great Korean chef
 who made it possible for me to make this delicious salad 

here is the link to her video

this is fresh kimchi
which I consumed with hot white rice
immediately after making it
I added drops of lemon juice to this
because it never get fermented

Happy new year everyone
and may you have a great year ahead :)

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