Wednesday, September 2, 2015

agar-agar santan gula melaka

a very light and refreshing delight
so smooth and satisfying as it goes down the throat that
you'd never notice when it is all gone!

"agar-agar santan gula melaka"
as it is locally known
is really jelly cooked in brown sugar and coconut milk

check out the making of it! :)

in a medium pot soak 20g of "agar-agar" strips in cold water for 20 mins and rinse well

fill enough water in the pot just to cover the "agar-agar"

let it boil over medium fire until the "agar-agar" is fully dissolved

meanwhile break 1 block of "gula melaka" into small pieces

using a wooden spoon stir the mixture and ensure "agar-agar" have melted completely

 then add in the gula melaka and allow it to dissolve completely

then add in 1 rock sugar and let it dissolve completely

taste for sweetness, add more sugar if need be

mix 200ml of thick coconut milk with a pinch of salt and
pour into the pot and stir well

the mixture will become all white now

allow the mixture to boil once, stir well and off the fire

pour mixture into a clear rectangular 4-Quart pyrex dish

as it cools down the mixture will separate into 2 layers

the coconut mix will gather to the top and form a cream colored layer

while the bottom layer is dark brown

allow it to cool completely

chill in the refrigerator before cutting into diamond/square shapes

serve cold


truly this is my favorite dessert anytime any day ;)


  1. This is totally new to me, looks very delicious, gula melaka, very new..

    1. Hello nice to see you here.
      Gula melaka is our locally made brown sugar.
      This recipe is our traditional heritage. A delicious treat during hot weather.
      Thanks for dropping by Hema :)


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