Tuesday, August 18, 2015

tips for storing fresh coriander

hello there!
it feels good to be back here in my blog :)
I did quite a bit of traveling of late...and I must say it was a good break
made new friends along the way and the best part is
good food!! :)

my travel took me to the mediterranean part of the world
truly awesome cuisine of east meets west
learnt great food tips too! 
which I will share... 
from time to time as I go along

here comes tips #1

Storing Coriander

I don't know about you 
but I always end up with soggy coriander
by the time I need to put them in my recipe
tried many ways...you name it with zero success:

cutting off roots before 
putting it in a glass of water and left at room temperature on the kitchen counter
wrapping in kitchen paper 
before storing them in a ziploc and stacked in crisper part of the fridge
wrapping it in just old newspaper and kept in the veggie crisper

If you have tried any of the above ways and failed 
try this way then:

in a food processor
blend for a few seconds
2 Tbsp olive oil + 1 clove garlic + 100g fresh coriander + pinch of salt
see if the coriander has been cut enough into smaller pieces
use your judgement  
stop when the desired size is achieved
add in more olive oil if the food processor is not moving the coriander well

you may also use a blender 
like me as I don't have a food processor..(yet!)
the coriander turns out finer in size (see pic below)
which is okay as the taste remains the same

store in an airtight bottle and keep refrigerated at all times
when the recipe calls for coriander garnishing put a little bit in it before you turn off the fire
remember : a little goes a long way!

in addition
this makes an excellent condiment to any soups!
just add a small amount and it is goodness to the last drop :)

drop me a comment
if you please :)


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