Friday, October 10, 2014

orange cloves honey

Looks like the haze is here to stay in KL :'(
this means my health would be affected to a certain extent
so...I'm taking this lovely and delicious concoction 
which I made it myself as a precaution 
to soothe my throat and lungs

The making of it :

soak 1 orange in a bowl of 1 part vinegar and 3 parts water for about 15 mins

this would remove all pesticides embedded inside the skin of the orange

rinse well under running water and cut the orange into 1/4" slices

arrange these slices inside a clean glass bottle and toss in 10 cloves

pour honey slowly onto the orange slices just enough to immerse them

leave some room inside the bottle for the liquefied honey to rise up later

close the bottle and keep refrigerated for 4 hours

by then you will notice the orange slices 'floating' to the top of the bottle

take a wooden spoon and taste the honey

uuummphhh... simply pure goodness

scoop the honey from the bottom of the bottle to bring to the top

the honey looks like jelly at this stage due to the presence of pectin

keep on mixing thoroughly and the liquefied honey would turn watery all over

consume as you like be it on its own or mix with a little hot water

keep unused honey refrigerated at all times

a word on this concoction
always choose raw and unprocessed honey
and consume it as and when you like
this is not a drug
so enjoy and heal beautifully :)

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