Sunday, October 26, 2014

spring onions

I was reaching out for shallots the other day as I was cooking
to my horror..I saw green shoots appearing on many of the shallots
well..what did I do then?
throw it away? Noo.. NEVER!

Good and nice shallots always end up in my cooking pot
but those with new shoots goes to my mini garden :)
yes..I do have a garden
not those huge well laid garden..wish I have that

just a few pots to 'rescue' desperados like these
my swift thinking was to plant them
so I washed them well (quite a number) and shoved it into
my lemongrass pot which could fit them all pretty well

after 5 days..what do you know..voila!
see the photo below
quite a handsome amount to last me for a month or so :)

my mini garden is for planting herbs only
local herbs especially as I used them quite often in my cooking

do you have a mini garden?
all you need is a sunny spot by your window
well..that's what got me started anyway :)

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