Wednesday, October 8, 2014


This is one of my many all time favorites
be it for breakfast or tea or anytime
especially... during rainy days
simply heaven with a cup of hot nescafe or 'teh tarek' 
uuuummhh :)

Here is how I made them:

soak 10 dried anchovies for 5 mins and remove its head and intestines

in a mixing bowl break one egg and beat it well with a fork

add in the cleaned anchovies + pinch of salt +1 finely sliced shallot + 1/4 cup water

mix all ingredients well by beating it again

then add in 3 Tbsp flour bit by bit and mix well till it becomes a smooth batter

add more water if need be to get a dropping consistency

take 1 spring onion and slice it finely and mix well into the batter

on a stove heat a wok and pour in plenty of oil for deep frying

when you see tiny bubbles on the surface of the oil it means the oil is hot enough

scoop 1 tsp batter and slowly lower it into the hot oil 

try to form a tiny ball shape with each scoop

depending on the size of the wok you could fry 5 to 6 balls at one go

leave room for the batter to increase in size while frying

fry on both sides till golden brown

meanwhile place some kitchen tissues on a serving plate 

scoop the fried 'cekodok' from the wok and and put in on the serving plate

serve hot with chilli sauce for dipping!

buon appetito! :) 

oh..that's Italian for "enjoy your meal"

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