Friday, September 11, 2015

masak lemak nenas ikan kurau

simply exquisite!

the sweetness of pineapple mixed with a tinge of chili
boiled in coconut milk and
salted with sun-dried salted "kurau" fish

I'm telling yea
just writing about this makes my mouth waters
 if you are a big fan of pineapple too
you will know what I mean

totally my favorite dish :)

simple enough to cook :)

in a pestle and mortar, pound these ingredients :

3 shallots + 2 garlic + slice of ginger + 1" fresh turmeric + 1 cm of "belacan"

transfer the above paste into a medium sized pot and add in 1 cup of water

toss in 1 crushed lemongrass + small piece of salted "kurau" fish + 1 tsp chilli boh

put the pot on the stove over medium fire and allow to boil

meanwhile soak 1 "asam keping" in a bowl and cut a sweet and ripe pineapple into small slices

when the pot started to boil toss in the "asam keping" + cut pineapple slices

allow to boil for a few minutes

then add in 1 tsp salt + 1 tsp sugar into the boiling mixture

taste for saltiness, sweetness and sourness

if need be add extra salt or sugar according to your likeness

then add in 200ml thick coconut milk and let it boil

lastly add in fresh "kurau" fish and boil for 1 min each side

"kurau" cooks the minute it gets into the boiling gravy

so take care not to break its flesh

taste the gravy again and off the fire

serve with white rice and sambal belacan


my mouth waters again now :D

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