Monday, September 21, 2015

red spinach in miso

I love green spinach so much
and I tried cooking the red ones just like the green
but it didn't turns out as tasty

so I decided to put white miso paste in it
and let me tell you
I will not have red spinach any other way :) to make!

just 3 ingredients to a wholesome dish!
~ anchovies..miso paste..spinach

cooking veggies can never be any easier or tastier

lets begin

in a small bowl soak 10 anchovies in water and set aside

separate the spinach leaves from the stem and cut the stem into 2" length

wash spinach separately and thoroughly clean and set aside

clean the anchovies ~ remove the head and intestine and rinse well

in a medium-sized pan pour in 1 cup of water and toss in the anchovies

let it boil over medium fire for 15 mins

then add in 1 tsp salt followed by the stems of the spinach

after 1 min add in the spinach leaves

cover the pot and let it cook for 3 mins

by now there is so much red liquid in the pan

toss in 1 small packet of white miso paste into the pan and stir thoroughly well

allow to boil for 1 min

taste for saltiness and off the fire

voila !!

the red color becomes deeper and intense by now

plus the awesome taste :)

serve hot with white rice and fried fish


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