Tuesday, April 7, 2015

french rose buds in strawberry tea

Are those rose buds floating in my tea?
It sure is :)

This is how the dried rose buds look like neatly packaged in a small bottle

When this was given to me as a door gift for a birthday celebration I attended to
I have no idea what to do with it

after doing some research on Google here's what I did;

put some water to boil on the stove
in a 500ml jug put in a sachet of strawberry tea + 6 buds of roses
pour boiling water into the jug
after 1 min take out the tea bag and add some sugar if you like
by now the smell of the rose buds plus strawberry is too lovely

enjoy your tea while it is hot :)

The rose buds actually assist in clearing toxins and heat from the body
If you are trying it out for the first time just like me ..take only 6 buds
and wait for its effect on your body..
you don't want to end up having diarrhea!

Those buds also contain Vitamin C which is good for the immune system 
but as we all know Vitamin C cannot be stored in the body
 any excesses are flushed out from our body
so go slow on the number of buds at any one time

Above all the aroma
of the rose together with the strawberry is out of this world!
combine with the taste...ooohhh
what can I tell ya :)


  1. That's amazing, I'd never thought of rose bud tea!

    1. OMG!! Goodness Gracious! Karennnnn....How on earth did you find me here?!! It is so good to see you again :)))
      Welcome to my kitchen Karen. Find anything interesting here..besides this rose bud tea?
      I've not been writing for quite some time as I was away on holiday. Will try to update soon.
      Please do come again :)


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