Tuesday, November 18, 2014

crispy crisp fried chicken

Who doesn't like fried chicken..
what's more if it is cooked very very crispy?!
you will say goodbye to KFC with this recipe
sorry Colonel Sanders.. :p

very very simple to make!

cut 1 chicken thigh into 3 smaller parts, wash clean and dab dry with kitchen towel

grate 1 clove garlic + 1/4" ginger over the chicken and add 1/2 tsp salt and mix well

scoop 2/3 cup of corn starch into a bowl and coat each pieces evenly with the corn starch

on the stove heat the wok on medium fire and pour in enough cooking oil for deep frying

fry each piece separately or together if the wok fits..till golden brown

remove from the oil and put it back into the oil for second frying

this method of double-frying makes the chicken very very crispy and it stays that way

it also cooks the chicken thoroughly

and what do you know..

it is finger licking good!

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