Thursday, July 17, 2014

beef kurma

Another classic of the South Indian cuisine
smooth creamy and sourly spicy
compliments well with rice and bread

Here's how I cook it:

marinate 250g beef chuck tender in 1" grated ginger and 3 grated garlic

heat 2 Tabsp cooing oil in a medium pot over medium heat

toss in 1 stick cinnamon + 1 star anise + 5 cloves + 2 cardamom into the pot 

let the aroma of this spices infuse your kitchen while the oil heats up

saute 1 diced onion till it gets transparent then add in some cilantro and mix well

add in the marinated beef and stir well

in a small bowl mix 3 teasp Baba's Kurma Curry with enough water to form a smooth paste

then add in this paste into the pot and stir thoroughly to mix the curry paste with the beef

then add in 1 cup water into the pot or just about enough to cover the beef

toss in 1 cut tomato + 1 cut potato + 2 fresh red chilies + 2 Tabsp fresh yogurt

allow to boil for about 30 mins to cook the beef

 meanwhile cover the pot but leave a slight gap to avoid the curry from spilling over the pot

keep checking the curry from time to time to make sure it doesn't dry up

add more water into the curry as and when required

check to see if the beef is cooked before adding 2 teasp salt

squeeze about half a lemon into the curry mixture and stir well

final taste for salt, sourness, spiciness and creaminess of the curry

off the fire

allow the beef to rest for 15 mins before serving

garnish with cilantro



  1. I'd love to taste this meal Ash!
    Seems delicious!

    1. Wishing you were here Nadezda so I could spoil you with my cooking :)
      Thanks for dropping by!


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