Friday, July 4, 2014

french toast

French toast the French way as inspired by Laura Calder
through her cooking program
"French Food at Home"

I love french toast very much
and when it is cooked with baguette..Wow!!
definitely my favorite breakfast  
where ever I may be :)

This recipe is inherited from my mom with slight modification 
as recommended by my niece Gina 
thanks Gina :)

Lets get started:

beat 2 eggs + 1/2 cup UHT milk + a drop of vanilla essence + salt + 1/2 tsp sugar

meanwhile heat a skillet over medium fire and toss in 1 teasp butter

dip 1 slice of the baguette into the egg mixture thoroughly before landing it onto the hot skillet

fry till golden brown and crispy and place it on serving plate

repeat the whole procedure till all the baguette is done

easy peasy! 

a word on butter
butter burns easily so make sure you control the fire throughout the cooking period
 as we want to see the lovely golden brown color 

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