Thursday, September 4, 2014

classic fried rice

Such a simple ancient recipe
my mom would cook this instantly when my brothers and I had a hunger "pang" in-between meals
those precious childhood memories I'm reliving it today
...just the food, I mean :)

Here's the making of it:

heat a wok over medium fire and pour in 2 Tbsp of cooking oil

fry 1 Tbsp of cleaned and washed anchovies till crispy and golden brown

then add in 1 diced shallot + 3 crushed garlic + 1/2" thinly sliced ginger and saute till crispy

add in 2 tsp chilli paste + 1 tsp salt and continue sauteing till the chilli is crispy and becomes dark red

add in 1 chopped Eryngii mushroom and fry for 1 min (optional)

finally add in 1 cup cooked rice and mix well all ingredients together to get an even color and taste

continue frying the rice until it becomes crispy and light

sprinkle 1 tsp of soy sauce all over the rice and mix well

off the fire and serve hot

garnish with scallion

a word on the cooked rice
it is a common practice to use leftover rice when making fried rice
however I cooked fresh rice that very morning and fried them after 30 mins they are cooked
I try not to keep rice overnight as the process of fermentation begins right after the cooked rice has cooled down
I have added Eryngii mushroom for added flavor to this classic recipe
Enjoy :)

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