Wednesday, September 3, 2014

chicken curry

Original recipe is from my mom
I've made some adjustments to it due to time constraint
one day I hope to make them just like my mom did it
all from scratch!
meanwhile enjoy this :)

Here's how you do it:

cut up a 1/4 chicken into smaller sizes and wash clean and final rinse in salt water

the salt water would remove all traces of blood and slimy stuff as well as trapped feathers

marinate the cleaned chicken in 3 grated garlic and 1" grated ginger..keep aside

on a stove heat a medium size pot and pour in 2 Tbsp cooking oil

toss in 1 stick cinnamon + 1 star anise + 4 cloves + 2 cardamom as the oil is heating up

then toss 1 diced onion and saute all spices together and let the aroma of spices invade your home!

when the onion has turned transparent toss in the marinated chicken and mix well

meanwhile in a bowl, put Baba's curry powder for chicken (small packet) and add water bit by bit to form a smooth paste

add this paste into the pot and stir it well with the chicken and spices for 2 mins

then add in water into the pot just enough to immerse the chicken in it

add in 2 cut tomatoes + 1 cut big potato + 2 cut green chillies

when the potato is cooked add in 1 Tbsp yogurt + 1 tsp salt 

continue boiling until the gravy thickens then taste the curry

add in some cilantro and off the fire

serve hot with rice or bread

a word on chicken curry
after the fire is off, NEVER cover the pot with its lid
let the curry rest in the pot without its lid for about 15 mins or so
this is to prevent the curry from turning bad and smelly
this restriction applies to chicken curry only

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