Wednesday, December 3, 2014

cream of mushroom soup

Among all the creamy soups available
I think you would agree if I say mushroom soup is everyone's favorite :)
It sure is mine and here is a great recipe I am sharing
very simple to make and delicious! 
what's more.. it is so suitable for vegan :) 

Here is how simple it is making this awesome goodness :)

on the stove heat a medium sized non-stick pot over a medium fire

toss in 1 Tbsp butter into the pot and let it melt

add 1 Tbsp vegetable oil and stir well to combine the melted butter with the oil

vegetable or cooking oil is added to prevent the butter from getting burnt

saute 6 sliced brown button mushroom + 1 diced onion + 1 crushed garlic till fragrant and crispy

add in 1 tsp salt and keep stirring till water from the mushroom subside

then add 2 Tbsp flour and mix all ingredients well and stir vigorously to form "roux"

roux is where the flour gets thickened and clings well with all the ingredients like a dough

pour in 2 cups of low fat milk into the pot and stir well

by this time the roux breaks up and can be seen floating in the soup

stir once and allow it to boil till the soup thickens

taste for salt and off the fire


your very own homemade mushroom soup :)

a word on mushrooms
add as many mushrooms as you like and as many varieties as you desire
you may chopped them into small pieces instead of slicing it
I was using only 6 button mushrooms as that was all I had in my fridge :)
more mushrooms give more flavor and goodness!

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