Wednesday, December 10, 2014

street style chickpeas

This is definitely my most favorite snack since childhood
I just love the way it 'melt' between the teeth on first bite!
this cool weather makes me crave this delicious treat
more and more :)

making it..

soak approximately 300g of dried chickpeas overnight in a medium sized pot

fill the pot with water almost full as the chickpeas absorb water and double in size

by next morning white foams appear on the surface of the water

rinse the chickpeas thoroughly until the foams completely disappear 

remove small stones and any dark brown chickpeas and give it a final rinse

fill up the pot with clean water ~ same height as the chickpeas 

toss in a pandan leaf and boil over medium heat for half an hour or so till it soften

add 3 tsp salt and 3 tsp sugar and simmer for 5 mins 

off the fire

leave the cooked chickpeas in the pot to rest

scoop only the desired amount of chickpeas from the pot and serve warm

leave the rest in the pot ...just like street hawkers do  :)

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