Thursday, March 5, 2015

peach rose

I have a tiny garden by the window :)

And the only rose I have made her debut appearance with so much glory and magnificence
4 months ago..

scented with a peachy fragrance 
this sunset glory brought so much happiness to my heart :)

never had I imagine it would change its shape in its blooming trends

this was taken today

Not only does it have thick and bushy petals but the shape of the flower evolves as well

Is this something new or was I simply ignorant about roses
I know I DO have a lot to learn about roses
but to see it changes to another species really throw me off!

Any rose experts out there to enlighten me on this?
appreciate any feedback  ;)

meanwhile I'm enjoying the sweet fragrance it exudes especially in the morning
to wake up smelling it is heavenly..

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