Sunday, January 11, 2015

tuna fried rice

I've never ever thought of cooking this before
I mean..tuna??! in fried rice??!! really?? lol
my first ever experience and what do you know
it wasn't bad at all :)

Tuna is flavorless so it is really up to you to put the flavor in it
and that all depends on your taste buds
I like it spicy as always :)

So here is how I put it all together

heat up a wok on medium fire and pour in 3 Tbsp of cooking oil 

saute 3 sliced shallots + 2 chopped garlic + 1 sliced red chilly till fragrant

add in 1 can drained tuna + 1/2 tsp finely diced ginger + 1 tsp salt

continue saute till tuna has broken into tiny pieces and becomes crispy

then add in 1 cup cooked rice and mix all together 

keep frying till the rice gets separated and light

tasting time and if need be add more salt

off fire and serve hot with hot chillies on the side

Here's how I make the hot chillies

slice thinly 6-10 bird's eye chillies or Thai chillies 
place it in a small bowl and add in 1 Tbsp fish sauce 
squeeze 2-3 fresh calamansi over it and mix all together

Wow!! It is so hot but that's the :)

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