Tuesday, August 19, 2014

beef stew

Is this the best ever beef stew I've ever tasted?
yes! because it was a rainy day and I was really hungry!
lol :)

here's how simple it is to cook the stew

marinate 250g beef with 2 grated garlic + 1/2" grated ginger and put this in a pressure cooker

add adequate water into the pressure cooker and cook for 20 mins

or until the beef is cooked and tender

on another stove heat a medium pot over medium heat and pour in 2 Tbsp cooking oil

saute 1 cinnamon stick + 1 star anise + 4 cloves + 1 sliced onion

then add in the beef stock + 1 sliced potato + 1 tomato + 2 sliced mushrooms

allow the vegetables to cook before adding in 1 tsp salt

then add in the cooked beef into the pot

let it simmer over slow fire for 10 mins

final taste for the stew..add more salt if you have to

off the fire and let the stew rest for 10 mins before serving

garnish with cilantro

 serve with rice or baguette!

when served with rice accompany this with sambal belacan


cut chili padi in fish sauce and fresh lemon juice

a word on cooking with pressure cooker
I usually cook mass quantity of beef into the pressure cooker
when the beef is cooked I would divide the beef into equal portion and freeze them
whenever I feel like eating beef I would thaw just 1 portion and cook them
this saves a lot of time :)

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