Friday, August 29, 2014

grilled eryngii mushroom

If you love eating mushroom you're gonna love this
So delicious and very simple to make
I'm loving it from the first bite!

Here's all it takes:

cut off the root of the mushroom, wash it clean and dab it dry with kitchen towel

thinly slice the mushroom about 1/8" lengthwise

heat a non-stick pan on low fire and pour very little oil..just enough to oil the pan

shake the pan to spread the oil evenly

place the sliced mushroom on the pan and let it cook for 2 mins before turning it to the other side

cook till golden brown on each side

remove from the pan and serve immediately

sprinkle salt and ground black pepper

delicious as appetizer or veggie dish

and a heaven for vegans :)

 a word on pan-searing
this method of grilling requires the mushroom to be really dry
otherwise there would be lots of hot oil jumping out of the pan hurting you
be careful okay :)

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