Monday, August 25, 2014

crispy chicken gizzard

Simplest recipe ever and boy does it tastes great! :)
thanks to Ane Haneefa of Manisa Turkey
your touch and your food always add warmth to my family!!
missing you so much Ane
till we meet again ..

All you need to do is:

wash 200g chicken gizzard real clean and cut them into smaller pieces

remove excess water from the cleaned gizzard

on a stove heat a medium non-stick pot over a medium fire

pour 1 Tbsp cooking oil or just enough to oil the surface of the pot

toss in the chicken gizzard with a pinch of salt and turmeric powder and mix well

immediately cover the pot with its lid as the oil starts to 'jump' on contact with the gizzard

after 2 mins when the oil has stopped 'jumping' take off the lid and stir the gizzard well

slow down the fire and cover the pot again and allow the water in the pot to dry up 

keep stirring for even cooking and golden color

when the gizzard has become crispy turn off the fire

serve hot

a word on the crispy gizzard
make sure the water has fully dried up in the pot before you turn off the fire
to get a crispy and crunchy fried chicken gizzard
makes an excellent side dish! 

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