Monday, August 4, 2014


Ever tried making meatballs from scratch but failed?
You're not alone..
I have not found the perfect recipe to make scrumptious meatballs
instead I found an easy way to make the most delicious meatball ever
no doubt it is not from scratch
but until I found the perfect recipe to make one... this would suffice for now

To make the meatballs here's what you need to do:

simply thaw 1 piece of "Ramly" Beef  Burger at room temperature

when it has soften break it up into a paste and add in finely sliced fresh oregano

mix the burger paste well using your fingers and form 6 meatballs

fry with very little oil in a skillet and keep turning the balls so that it gets thoroughly cooked

a word on the burger
the choice of burger is all yours
I chose "Ramly" because it is the best rated burger and most popular in Malaysia and Singapore
most important it is HALAL and extremely delicious!!
so go get your favorite burger and start to cook smart :)

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