Monday, May 26, 2014

fish in sambal

I was feeling under the weather
and I really need something to whip up my appetite
then I remembered the sambal
works all the time ;)

Here's how I did it

2 pieces pomfret fish, deep fried and put aside
(any other fish is fine)

using the same oil sautee:
 pounded 3 shallots+2 garlic+1/4" ginger till fragrant

then add 3 teasp chili boh and 1 teasp salt and keep stirring
until the chili boh turns dark red in color and looks like breadcrumb

add 1 teasp tamarind juice and stir well

tasting time, if not enough salt or tamarind juice add more now

stir well for the last time before turning off the fire

spread the sambal generously all over the fish


a word on the chili boh
I'm using Puteri Cili Giling which has 'assam' and 'garam' added into it
I'm not adding 'belacan' into my sambal due to allergy. It turns out fine everytime :)


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