Sunday, May 25, 2014

japanese sweet potato

I love japanese sweet potato so much
when I browsed through Youtube videos most of it showed how to bake them
but when my dear friend Nat told me it tastes better boiled instead of baked
I knew I just had to try them out and boy!
was I glad I consulted her :)

Here's how I did it

wash the sweet potato thoroughly with water

immerse it in a pot of water add a pinch of salt and let it boil until you could smell its sweet aroma

take a fork and prick through the sweet potato

if the fork could get through easily all the way inside the sweet potato 

then it is cooked and time to turn off the fire

otherwise give it 5 more minutes and test again

drain the water completely and let the sweet potato remain inside the closed pot

this will keep the cooked sweet potato warm and soft

until you are ready to eat them :)

a word of thanks

thank you Nat for sharing this recipe with me!
xoxoxo :)

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