Wednesday, May 28, 2014

fish curry

Original recipe from my mom with a slight twist by me
sorry mom.. but it has the same greatness in taste the way you made them
no kidding :)

Here's how I made them

heat 2 Tabsp oil in a medium pot and while it is heating up throw in a pinch of fenugreek (halba)

then sautee 5 sliced shallots and 2 garlic (no need to cut)

throw in a twig of curry leaves which has been washed, rinsed and crushed by your fingers

stir well and let the aroma of the curry leaves invade your kitchen..hhmm!

meanwhile empty Baba's fish curry powder( small packet 25g)  in a bowl and add water
 to make it into a watery paste

pour the curry paste into the pot and stir well and add 1 cup water immediately, mix well

add 3 cut ladies finger + 2 cut tomatoes + 2 green chillies (slit lengthwise) and allow to boil

take 1 Tabsp tamarind and mix with half cup water to make juice and add it into the pot

when the vegetables are cooked add 1 teasp salt and mix well

time to taste the salt and sourness before adding 1/4 cup low fat milk

last but not least 2 pieces pomfret or any other fish is fine

let it simmer before final taste for creaminess+sourness+spiciness and thickness of the gravy

off the fire and let it sit for 30mins before serving to allow all the spices to blend thoroughly


a word on the curry

curry tastes much better the next day so don't worry if it gets too watery as the gravy would
thicken as you heat it up again which is more rewarding :)

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