Sunday, June 1, 2014

grilled salmon in red bell pepper

Salmon is the easiest to prepare
and doesn't involve much cooking time
but I don't cook this often because of its distinct taste
and this recipe which I created today was delicious!

Here's how I do it

place one red bell pepper (capsicum) over a medium fire on a stove and let it cook

check often to see if the skin has become black and keep turning the pepper over the fire

meanwhile heat a non stick pan on the next stove and put a piece of salmon on it

rub salt on the salmon and dash butter on all sides of the salmon

allow the salmon to brown before turning over the other side and repeat the salt and butter

check the bell pepper from time to time
when all of it are black remove from fire and put it immediately into a salad bowl

wrap the salad bowl top with aluminium foil and keep it rest for about 5 mins
the heat from the bell pepper will soften its outer skin for easy peeling

once the salmon is ready remove it from the fire

unwrap the aluminium foil and peel off the black skin of the pepper and cut into wedges

sprinkle salt on the peppers and serve immediately with the salmon

squeeze lemon juice all over the salmon and pepper and 

when you mix the soft and juicy pepper with the salmon I could only say
"it's pure indulgence" :)

a word about grilling

I'm using a non-stick frying pan instead of a griller set simply because the pan is much easier to manage and it gets the cooking done quicker..less hassle to clean afterwards too!

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