Wednesday, June 11, 2014

fish head curry

This is my mom's recipe
it is the same as in making fish curry

Here's how I made them

clean the mackerel fish head and soak in tamarind juice and salt ..keep aside

choose a pot which perfectly fit the fish head

heat the pot over medium fire and pour in 2 Tabsp of cooking oil

while waiting for the oil to heat up throw in a pinch of mustard seeds and fenugreek

you will know the oil is hot when you hear the mustard seeds popping

sautee 5 thinly sliced shallots, 2 garlic and a twig of curry leaves

in a bowl, add enough water to "Baba Curry Powder for fish" (small pack) until it become watery yet smooth paste

 when the aroma of the curry leaves fill your home and the shallots have turned transparent, pour in the curry paste and add 1 cup water and mix well and allow it to boil

add in 2 tomatoes (cut into 6 wedges), 5 ladies finger and 2 green chillies (slit halfway)

when the vegetables are cooked add in 1 teasp salt and stir the curry well

add half cup low fat milk and stir well and taste the salt
if need be add in more salt

finally add in the fish head gently and let it immerse into the curry

make sure both sides of the fish head gets cooked by turning it over gently

time for last taste and off the fire


a word on the curry
towards the end of the cooking session if you find that the curry is too watery, remove the cooked fish head only and put it on a serving plate and allow the curry to simmer further until the gravy gets the fire and pour the curry gently all over the fish head.

Bon appetite! :)

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