Saturday, June 14, 2014

fried bihun

Rice Vermicelli
This is probably one of the easiest 
comfort food to make and it is really fulfilling!
my own creation and I believe you could be more creative :)

Here's how I did it

heat 2 Tabsp cooking oil in a wok over medium fire

fry 10 ikan bilis till slightly brown then add in 1 sliced shallot followed by 2 finely chopped garlic

sautee 1 teasp chilli boh while adding 1 teasp salt, 2 Tabsp tomato sauce and 1 Tabsp oyster sauce

stir well then add in tauhu (cut small squares) and 5 fishballs (halve it)..keep stirring well

add in 2 stalks cut 'pak choy' and mix well and taste the salt

finally add in bihun and mix all ingredients well while continue stirring

add in 2 Tabsp water and mix well all over the fire

a word on water
water is added last to make sure the bihun gets soft. it is advisable to add water little by little as you need to see the texture of the bihun before adding in more water. taste it and if need be only then you add more water

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