Monday, June 9, 2014

squid in sambal goreng

Original recipe from my mom
but with a slight twist from me always :)

here's how I do it

clean squids and slice up the squids as in the above picture

slice up 1 lemongrass and then pound it until fine..keep aside

next pound 5 shallots, 2 garlic and 1" ginger and sautee in a wok over medium heat

add in 2 Tabsp Puteri Cili Giling (chilli boh) stirring well

add 1 teasp salt and keep stirring until the color turns dark red

add in the pounded lemongrass and mix well

add 1 teasp sugar and stir well all over

add in the squids stirring well until it turns opaque white
and then transfer only the squids onto a serving plate

add 5 fishballs into the wok and stir well
(this is optional..I was finishing off leftovers in the fridge)

immediately put in 1 sliced onion and stir once and off the fire
the onion would remain crunchy and very sweet this way

a word on the lemongrass
the pounded lemongrass idea was from Chef Wan and I do that for all my sambal dishes
outstandingly delicious :)
do not blend it in the blender because you need to put water into the blender and this will make the paste very watery and the consistency of the sambal is no longer there. Sambal goreng has to be dry.

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