Monday, June 2, 2014

kuih keria

Meet the Malaysian doughnut :)
looks like any american doughnut but the taste is very different
I used to love commercial doughnuts before but once I've cooked this there's really no turning back

Here's how I do it

boil sweet potato of your choice until it is cooked

drain the water and use a fork to mash the sweet potato until smooth

add enough flour to form a dough

pinch a small portion of the dough to make small round balls
use the palm of both of your hands to do this

using your index finger press in the middle of the ball to make a hole

repeat doing this until the dough are used up 

heat a non-stick wok with 2 cups oil and deep fry all the doughnuts

when you are done frying the doughnuts transfer the hot oil into a container and
 re-use the same wok for making the sugar icing

do not wash your wok

proceed to put in 2 Tabsp sugar and 2 Tabsp water

keep stirring until sugar appeared whitish and formed large bubbles

check the consistency of the syrup by lifting your ladle frequently

when the syrup gets thick add in all the doughnuts and keep stirring 
so that the syrup coats every one of the doughnut

off the fire while you keep turning the doughnut to form the 'snow' icing

I love to experiment so I made this doughnut 3 times just to see how the 'snow' turns out during the different stages of consistency of the sugar syrup 

to get the coating below I waited until the bubbles of the syrup gets smaller 
and much refined before adding in the doughnuts 

try it and you will definitely love it! :)

a word on the sugar icing
the sugar icing will only form when the fire is off so be careful..
just as the syrup has coated the doughnuts turn off the fire immediately and you will see the icing forming

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