Thursday, May 22, 2014


I cook pasta when I am pressed for time
Here is a quick meal which can be prepared in less than 30 minutes
very delicious and fulfilling and... my own creation too

Here's how I made them

Boil 1 cup bow tie pasta for 20 minutes or until cooked

While waiting for the pasta to be ready heat a nonstick pot over medium fire on the next stove

add 2 Tabsp oil and when it is hot sautee 2 sliced brown button mushroom
until it is slightly soft 

then add in 1 sliced onion till the onion are almost transparent 

then add in 2 crushed garlic and stir well 

then add in 2 teasp tomato paste and mix well

then add in 2 Tabsp canned tomatoes with 1 teasp salt, stir thoroughly

add 1 sliced green chilly and 2 sliced frankfurter

add just enough water to make a thick gravy

slow the fire and let all ingredients simmer and taste the salt

Meanwhile check the pasta

 if it is ready drain the water and add pasta into the gravy

mix well so that the pasta is coated and soaked with the gravy

turn off the fire and keep mixing thoroughly well then close the lid

garnish with thinly sliced fresh oregano

serve while it it hot..

just before eating squeeze lemon juice all over the pasta :)

Bon appetit!

a word on tomatoes
while it is best to use ripe tomatoes, the canned tomatoes provide a good alternative should you run out of it.
I used "S&W ready-cut diced tomatoes" for this recipe

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